Why Is It Important to Read Other Music Blogs?

Blogging can be a lonely business.

Unless you start a blog with a team, chances are that you run your blog solo, from home, and without anyone else to bounce ideas off of.

One of the best ways to unleash your creativity and rekindle your enthusiasm for writing about music is to get together with other music bloggers. 카지노사이트

This might be through local meetups, online communities, or simply through conversations on social media.

Here are the top reasons to read and interact with other music blogs:

To raise awareness of your blog, through comments or social media
To support fellow music bloggers and the community
To find inspiration for your content and ideas for features
To fast-track your own music discovery, so you can write with greater knowledge
To help you refine your own goals and purpose for your music blog
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Top Music Blogs to Read This Year
Now that we’ve covered why it’s important to read other music blogs, let’s take a look at some of our favorites.

In this list you’ll find a range of music blogs that cover multiple genres including classical, indie, R&B, EDM, and pop.

There are blogs that are specific to a certain area (like NYC-focused Brooklyn Vegan) or that celebrate a particular part of the music industry (like A&R Factory for music managers). 안전한카지노사이트

Among this list are huge blogs with millions of readers, as well as fan favorites.

Every blog starts somewhere. With talent, hard work, and support, you could find your blog on a list just like this one day.

To help you learn from other music bloggers, discover new music and find inspiration, here are 25 of the best music blogs to read this year.

  1. Pitchfork

Pitchfork is widely known as one of the most popular music resources on the internet.

It features daily news and features on a range of artists and music genres, including pop, metal, and indie rock.

For a curated view of the latest top tracks, head to their Best New Music page.

  1. Gorilla vs. Bear

A popular music blog based in Texas, Gorilla vs. Bear features a mix of content including new music, reviews, videos, and announcements.

Their embedded playlist player is a great way to discover new music.

Check out their video section for interesting music videos and a visual way to discover new music.

  1. Consequence of Sound

Consequence of Sound is a much-loved music blog based in Chicago that covers music, film, and TV all in one space.

This blend of features makes it a powerful destination for fans who want the latest news on what’s happening in the entertainment world.

As well as the blog, Consequence of Sound creates and publishes a number of podcast series. Check them out to learn more about the company.

  1. Brooklyn Vegan
    Brooklyn Vegan is an influential NYC-focused blog that covers mostly music, as well as comedy, TV, and music.

Expect to find news, tour dates, live show reviews, and social commentary.

A really useful feature on Brooklyn Vegan is “What’s Going On Tonight?” — a list of tonight’s live shows and events in the NYC area.

  1. This is RnB

This is RnB is a popular destination for RnB fans. 카지노사이트 추천

The blog features news, new music, and commentary on the RnB scene. You can also watch videos and performances from top artists.

For the latest on RnB artist tour dates and announcements, head to their tours page on their website.

  1. AdHoc

AdHoc is an underground music blog and zine.

The blog has become a daily destination for news, MP3s, mixes, and social commentary on music and visual culture.

Expect to find features on emerging artists and grassroots initiatives.

Discover live shows from underground and emerging artists via AdHoc Presents.

  1. Earmilk

Earmilk is a wonderful destination for music discovery.

Here you’ll find new music, news, reviews, and video features on artists from multiple music genres.

For the best op-ed and personal commentary on the music industry, check out their Voices section.

  1. Slipped Disc

Slipped Disc has become a go-to for music fans who want inside details on the world of classical music.

The blog features news, features, and opinion pieces on classical music and related cultures — submitted by readers and fans.

Classical music fans can submit editorial content to the site via email.

  1. Hip Hop Wired

A leading authority on hip hop music, Hip Hop Wired covers not just music, but news, tech, and politics stories.

This mix means it’s become a daily destination for fans who want the latest on what’s happening in their community.

For the latest hip hop and culture news, head to Hip Hop Wired’s news section.

  1. Indie Shuffle

On Indie Shuffle you’ll find recent and classic songs in a playlist format, which is a great way to discover new music while you work or study.

There’s also a news section with details on festivals and live shows.

For featured playlists and top tracks, head to their playlists page.

  1. Dancing Astronaut

Dancing Astronaut is a leading destination for dance music fans.

The blog’s mission is to increase exposure of dance music and support up-and-coming artists.

The photos section is a great way to experience or re-live live events and festivals through visuals.

  1. Drowned in Sound

Drowned In Sound is home to opinions, news, and in-depth features.

The blog features in-depth album reviews, a great way to discover new releases.

As well as the main blog, there’s also a very active community where users discuss music, current affairs, and life.

  1. A&R Factory

This industry music blog for the A&R (artist and repertoire) community is a great resource for record labels and managers to discover unsigned acts.

A&R Factory has been rated as a top 10 music blog in the U.K., and top 100 worldwide, and remains a favorite of the music industry.

Unsigned artists can submit a demo to be featured on the blog.

  1. Popjustice

Popjustice is a hugely popular blog dedicated to the pop music genre.

The blog features new music, reviews, and interviews from the pop elite as well as newcomers.

Stay up-to-date with the latest pop news with Popjustice’s The Briefing.

  1. One Stop Record Shop

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